Welcome to the PAMCO CB450 Installation Guide

Click here for the earlier rotor installaiton


Step1: Remove the gas tank.

Step2: Remove the points cover, points plate and points cam.

Step3: Disconnect the points wires that go to the coils.

Step4: Disconnect and remove the condenser(s).

Step5: Connect the wires from the PAMCO ignition plate as follows.

        5a. Thread both cables through the hole where the points wires were.

        5b. Connect both red wires to the common power connection on the coils.

       5c. Connect the green wire from the bottom PC board to the left cylinder coil.

        5d. Connect the green wire from the upper PC board to the right cylinder coil.

        5e. Connect the black wire to a frame ground, like the mounting bolt for the coils.

Step6: Remove the points advancer.

Step7: Rotate the engine until the locating pin for the points advancer is at or near the 12 O'clock position.


Step8: Install the advancer.

Step9: Install the PAMCO plate with the notch in the plate matching the notch in the housing..


Step10: Apply some grease inside the bore of the PAMCO rotor and then install with the two magnets as shown.



Step11: Tighten the bolt using a wrench with no more than a 3 or 4 inch length to prevent over tightening.

Step12: Review step 9 and ensure that the notch in the plate matches the notch in the housing.

Step13: The engine should start now. If it does not start normally, check the installation and wiring.

Step14: Shut down the engine.

Step15: Remove the cover from the alternator below the points housing on the left side.

Step16: Connect a timing light to the left cylinder spark plug wire.

Step17: Start the engine.

Step18: Observe the timing mark on the alternator rotor.

Step19: If the timing mark is not at the firing point mark on the alternator rotor, loosen the hold down screws on the PAMCO plate and rotate the plate clockwise to advance the timing or counterclockwise to retard the timing.

Step20: Increase the engine speed to 3,000 RPM and observe that the timing mark moves to the full advance position.

Step21: Tighten the hold down screws on the PAMCO plate, replace the covers on the points housing and alternator.


Under normal circumstances, you should not have to adjust or reset the timing. However, after the initial installation, you should check the timing after a few hundred miles. Periodic maintenance of the advancer is still required.


For additional assistance or troubleshooting help, Email: help@cb450ignition.com